Key 4

Make it real

Ky Lives leaping from a cliff above the ocean.

Engaging content will attract an audience. Appealing offers will turn them into customers.

Why is this so important?

You will burn out and give up if you treat your dream like a hobby for too long. You will not survive the journey if you are not resourceful.

How do I do this?

Think about building your brand like establishing a village. Start by providing one attractive offering. Invest that income to develop the village. The more your village offers, the more people will want to move there.


1. Welcome to my village.

2. Create amazing tattoos. Make epic videos of the tattoos coming to life. Build an online gallery of all your best artwork and make prints available to order. Make videos about tattoos and sell tattoo products in the description box. Provide a VIP experience. Film that and sell it in the description box along with prints and products.

Bonus tip!

Never get advice from anyone who isn't building their own village.


You can’t avoid sales. Make your content engaging. Make your offers appealing.

In Action!

Below you'll find an epic new video showcasing amazing adventures. It's essentially an advertisement encouraging people to visit my village. This will attract an audience but without my website, how would they become customers?