Key 2

Listen To Your Audience

Ky Lives sitting on the beach in front of a hand made sign that reads: free chats.

Building a relationship with your audience increases engagement for a variety of reasons. Invite them to be a part of your process and they will not only consume more content, they’ll help you make it 10x better.

Why is this so important?

The audience will tell you what they really want in many different ways. The more you tune in to the feedback, the faster your brand will grow. Never ignore your tribe.

How do I do this?

Pay attention to what your audience is responding to. Read the comments. Watch your analytics. Ask questions directly. Let them know you’re listening. Create new ways for them to communicate with you. Keep your finger on the pulse.


I read every single response or comment I receive no matter how it reaches me. I respond to as many as possible. Sometimes the comment section is as interesting as the content itself. The conversations that are happening around your brand become a part of your brand.


Your audience is more valuable than any marketing consultant or how-to guide. Listen to them. They are also contributing additional content by adding their voices.

In Action!

Below you'll find a live video I recorded on Instagram engaging with my audience directly.