Key 1

Don't Ever Change

Ky Lives pretends to shape the ocean with metaphysical powers.

Give people what they click for! This is so simple but it is the most common mistake people make. I can not overstate the importance of this.

Why is this so important?

If people get what they're looking for when they click, they'll consume more content. More engagement leads to more impressions. More impressions leads to more engagement. This is how organic growth works. Social media is designed to support you. Do not subscribe to the idea that the evil algorithm is out to get you!

How do I do this?

Make sure the content you're sharing is easy to reproduce. Keep it simple. Find something you can easily create that is satisfying to consume. Make sure it is something you want to keep doing.


1. TikTok encourages users to follow trends. People aren't looking for new and different. We're hardwired to seek the familiar.

2. When my followers click on my video diaries, they have already decided they want to consume the whole thing.


Make the content you intend to keep making and don't ever change. People follow you for a reason. Know that reason.

Bonus tips from my brand strategist!

Create a visual identity that people can connect with and recognise when they see your content, it’s like giving your business a personality. Good branding communicates things like your values, goals and even your humour on a subconscious level. You can attract people who relate to these things through your visual identity, those who don’t will simply move on.

DIY is perfectly fine when you’re just starting out. It doesn’t have to be super fancy or complicated, but it does have to be consistent. You do need to make decisions about how you want to be perceived, how you’ll present yourself and your work.

Here's the bare minimum:

  • Look for and collect some visual inspiration from brands you like.
  • Choose your colours (max 5)
  • Choose your fonts (max 2)

Keep your visuals simple and consistent, people should know it's your brand before they've even processed what they're looking at.

In action!

Below you'll find an example of my video diaries, which all follow the same simple format.