Key 7

Be the Change

Two people in tie dye taking a photo together.

People respond to what they see. Customers don't buy what we say, they buy what we embody.

Why is this so important?

If you have to convince every single customer to part with their money you're doing it the hard way. It doesn't matter how good your pitch is. It doesn't matter how good your product or service works. People want to see results.

How do I do this?

Go above and beyond for your favourite customers. Everyone who uses your product or service, including you, becomes a walking advertisement for your brand. Build a whole culture and philosophy around your brand. Lead by example. Show your audience whatever you're doing, you're doing it right.


Would you go to a skinny, malnourished personal trainer? Would you be inspired by before and after photos that look more like a spot-the-difference? People want to see transformation!


Show me, don't tell me.