Social media doesn't have to be a mindless void.

There are a lot of us, perhaps yourself included, making conscious content. Instagram is where I show the community what I’m working on and who I’m working with during the creative process.

Keep an eye out for links to new content before it is officially released.

Let's Connect
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My YouTube channel is a living documentary.

When I decided I needed to turn my life around, I started recording everything. As I started to publish videos a community formed and started asking me to explore new possibilities. We’ve all learned so much from each other.

Check out the Video Gallery for a taste of the channel.

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Ky Lives 2

I share a lot of my private video journals, where I document what I'm thinking and feeling in the moment as I move through my own obstacles and challenges.

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Ky Lives 3

I wanted to create a channel where I could show the audience these amazing moments and experiences in a more raw format, rather than telling stories about them later.

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A clock with an anatomical heart made out of mushrooms and plants printed on it.

clothing & artwork

We have puzzles, prints, homewares, clothing and other accessories for sale.

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