How ideas become plans, and then plans become reality.

It's so simple, you won't believe me. Let's get started.

You're probably here because you have an inspiring vision in your imagination and you want to learn how to make it real.

Sorry, but I'm going to need to bring you back down to Earth first. If you want to return to your vision, you can do so, once you have actually created it.

We need to figure out what action you are going to take to make that vision come true. It needs to be cheap, simple and easy to reproduce. Nothing could be less exciting than that description, but that is the formula we are going to be using!

Cheap means you can afford it right now! Be honest with yourself about your resources.

Simple means you can explain it to a 7-year-old! The simpler it is, the more powerful it will be. Your kids could even do it with you!

Easy to reproduce
means you can easily do it an unlimited number of times, with very similar results! The key word is easy!

Take as long as you need to identify your cheap, simple and easy to reproduce action plan. You may benefit from jumping ahead, and learning about the nine keys to marketing yourself, but make sure you return here, and define your plan.

The most important piece of advice you will ever receive is...

Keep Going.


Apply this knowledge and you will achieve results.

I want to give you all the support I possibly can to make your inevitable success a reality.

I've helped a lot of people build brands that grow effortlessly once they're established. It doesn't take a lot of time, effort or resources if you know what you're doing.

I also have my own successful brand which may even be the reason you're here, which proves that a good video marketing strategy works.

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The 9 keys to marketing yourself

Want to know how to market yourself like a pro? Here's what to do...

I don't Like Reading
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removing the obstacles within.

What's stopping you from taking action?

When I ask people this they almost always respond with an emotional answer. I know if there are emotional obstacles in the way, nothing new and exciting is going to happen.

  • How are you going to produce 100 videos if you're terrified of making mistakes?
  • How are you going to publish 70,000 words if you overthink every sentence?
  • How are you going to capture thousands of photographs if you're self-conscious about the first picture?

You could fight through the resistance with pure determination but you will probably experience the same thoughts, feelings and emotions every time you approach your goals.

Wouldn't you like to find out where it's coming from and change it?

I can facilitate experiences that will reconnect you with your spirit and assist you to make changes to the cycles you've been stuck in. The process is called Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics.

I acknowledge and thank founder and mentor, Steve Richards, for teaching this powerful modality and making changes to many lives around the world.

Do the important things first.

Remove The obstacles within
Remove The obstacles within
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