Key 6

Dont waste attention

A giant wave is hurtling towards Ky Lives and he is not prepared.

You generally get one shot at capturing somebody's attention. People will be the most curious the first time they click. Make sure you're ready to capitalise on that curiosity.

Why is this so important?

Your existing social media network is full of potential but if you ask for attention when you're not ready to capture it, you pour all of that potential down the drain.

How do I do this?

Make sure you have a catalogue of content ready for people to consume before you start inviting people to engage. There is no point getting lots of engagement on a single post. The goal is to capture people's attention for the future. Satisfy their curiosity and they will remember you and come back for more. The more content you have, the better.


I did not promote my video journals at all for a long time. I was just practicing my communication skills. When I first shared a video it brought a surge of people who went on to watch dozens more videos in a matter of hours which triggered YouTube to start promoting my content.

Bonus tip!

You can set your videos to unlisted on YouTube but still show them on your channel in a playlist. That way people who click through can see all the upcoming content before it's published; their curiosity is rewarded but you don't have to dump all of your content at once. This is a very good way to build your subscriber base if you're starting something new from zero. You will often get 10-100x more engagement using this method.


You can do this many different ways. The key is to make sure that the attention has somewhere to GO.