Key 9

Know your intent

Someone sits on a bench in front of a tree covered in fairy lights at night.

Be very clear. What do you want to achieve and why? What do you want to bring into the world? What motivates you to work towards your creation, day after day? What makes it all worth it?

Why is this so important?

We all want freedom and money but we need a more powerful reason to keep going. When we're broke, stressed and sleep deprived we need to know it's all worth it. The journey itself needs to be rewarding.

How do I do this?

Take some time and deeply contemplate who you are. Grab a pen and paper and jot it all down. Refine it and refine it until you can state your intent in a single sentence. That one sentence should be encoded with your purpose.


"I am inspiring and empowering as many people as possible to make their own impact on the world." - Ky Lives

"I help small business owners gain clarity on their goals and create a visual identity driven by intention." - Ash from 3rd Eye Studio

Bonus tip!

People should be able to see your statement of intent in you. Think about your values and strengths. Make sure your intent is aligned with who you truly are.


Having clear intent makes decision making easy. If you know who you are, you will always know exactly what to do.

In Action!

Below you will find the video that represents my mental health brand. Can you see my intent clearly?