Key 8

Keep going

A man standing on the cliffs in the distance with a powerful storm building overhead.

Most people are much closer to their goals than they realise. Understand that your growth is exponential, not linear. The more you grow, the faster you grow. Wrap your head around this and you will NEVER lack motivation again.

Why is this so important?

Achieving your goals is 10 times easier than you think and 100 times easier than it feels.


I started my first YouTube channel knowing NOTHING. My content sucked and I didn't know how to market it but none of that stopped me because I didn't give up.

0-100 subscribers was the hardest part.

It took me 10 months. That averages out to one subscriber every 3 days. At that rate it would take more than 8 years to reach 1000 subscribers and a lifetime to reach 10,000. Thankfully it got easier.

100-1000 subscribers was moderately difficult.

Even though you're gaining subscribers faster, this is the time when everyone struggles to keep it going. This is where the majority of people give up. It took me 10 times longer than it should have because I kept feeling like everyone was watching me fail. I wish I knew then, that they were watching me succeed.

1000-10,000 subscribers was much easier.

It took me 17 months which works out to an average of 19-20 subscribers a day. As it became more and more effortless I started to relax and spend a lot more time creating rather than stressing about the numbers. Naturally, my content improved.

10,000+ subscribers was effortless.

I couldn't stop my brand from growing now if I wanted to.


It gets way easier in the future. Make decisions and take action. Don't stop. The path you're on will lead you to your destination, faster and faster, UNLESS you stop moving forward.